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Winter Solstice in St. Nacho's

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Luke and Tug get a second chance at love, but will Tug’s dangerous addiction destroy their happiness forever?

Can St. Nacho's help Luke start over?

Librarian Luke believes “Everything is possible at the library.” He cheerfully provides his patrons with whatever they need, even if that means administering Naloxone when they overdose in the library bathroom.

Tug’s a heroin addict. He’s in the grip of a powerful addiction. He has no self-esteem. He sees no way out. When old crush Luke offers help, Tug’s willing to see what he can get out of the deal. But there’s a terrible cost to exploring his painful past and claiming his second chance.

Will Tug seize a new life and find happiness with Luke? Or will he give in to the siren’s song of a drug he can’t resist?

Miracles happen for the men of St. Nacho’s. A good man will find love, even on the darkest, longest night. In 
Winter Solstice in St. Nacho's, Z.A. Maxfield pens a taut and tender second-chance gay romance with an HFN you will believe in.