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The Vengeful Valentine Job - A Grime-verse novella

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Can a minister with a moneyed background see past a blue-collar worker's muscled, tattooed bad boy persona to the gentle, caring soul that lies beneath?

When Stieg Winthrop returns from a business trip to find a bloodbath in his home, he's only marginally appeased by the knowledge that animal blood was used to make a point, and no humans were harmed to create the mess. Since the scene seems to point to a jilted bride, he's doubly confused because he's never dated a woman, ever.

It doesn't matter who created the disaster or why. That's a job for the police. Stieg must have his home cleaned and sanitized and that means hiring a biohazard cleaning company to do the work. Enter The Brothers Grime, who have opened a new location in the Inland Empire city Stieg calls home.

Levi Bond is a cleaner at Brothers Grime, not a salesman, but he's the only one available to meet the client when the call comes in. The minute he sees Stieg Winthrop, his heart melts for the sweet man. But the more he learns about the wealthy East Coast academic and man of the cloth, the more outclassed and unworthy he feels.

What could this intelligent, bougie homeowner who wears bespoke suits and carries expensive luggage ever see in an average guy like him?

This novella-length gay romance in the Brothers Grime universe between a millionaire trying to escape the overbearing snobbery of his family and the sweetly devoted blue collar man he falls for is everything you need in a Valentine's tale. For a highly sensual, emotional read, buy The Vengeful Valentine Job today.