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St. Nacho's - Paperback

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Cooper can’t run from his past. Can the outgoing Shawn help him find his future?

Though he’s tried, Cooper can’t outrun the unspeakable tragedy in his past. The only thing he has managed to retain is his ability to communicate through his music. In St. Nacho’s, he’s finally found a man that he wants a connection with, but that man is Deaf.

Shawn makes himself understood with sign language and a voice he has cultivated despite being deaf. Shawn is in musical theater. He’s as vibrant as Cooper is withdrawn. When he sets his sights on Cooper, watch out! Shawn is a man who gets what he wants.

Shawn and Cooper’s chemistry is explosive. Their mutual attraction is instant and undeniable, but Shawn’s friends and Cooper’s past get in the way of their blossoming romance.

St. Nacho’s is the story of two men from different worlds who yearn to make a home and future for themselves despite their differences. The tiny seaside town of St. Nacho’s almost mystically draws people in need of a fresh start into its heart.

Is it possible that the tiny, almost magical seaside town of San Ignacio is on their side?