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St. Nacho's Binge Bundle!

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Experience the romance and magic of San Ignacio, known to locals as St. Nacho's.

Amidst the gentle whispers of crashing waves and the salt-kissed breeze, a small seaside town in California holds a secret—a place where broken men searching for redemption and a new beginning unexpectedly discover love that lasts a lifetime! 

St. Nacho’s

Cooper can’t run from his past. Can the outgoing Shawn help him find his future?

Though he’s tried, Cooper can’t outrun the unspeakable tragedy in his past. The only thing he has managed to leave behind is his ability to communicate with people except through his music. In St. Nacho’s, he’s finally found a man that he wants a connection with, but that man is Deaf.

Shawn makes himself understood with sign language and a voice he has cultivated despite being deaf. Shawn’s in musical theater. He’s as vibrant as Cooper is withdrawn. When he sets his sights on Cooper, watch out! Shawn is a man who gets what he wants. 

Shawn and Cooper’s chemistry is hot. Their attraction to each other instant and undeniable until Shawn’s friends and Cooper’s past get in the way. 

St. Nacho’s is the story of two men from different worlds who yearn to make a home and future for themselves despite their differences. The tiny seaside town of St. Nacho’s almost mystically draws people in need of a fresh start into its heart. 

Is it possible that the tiny, almost magical seaside town of San Ignacio is on their side?

Physical Therapy

An alcohol fueled accident destroyed Jordan Jensen. Is the tiny seaside town of St. Nacho’s a place for him to find healing, redemption, and love?

When Jordan Jensen moves to St. Nacho's he has one goal in mind: starting over. He wants to reconnect with his childhood best friends Cooper yet he is uncertain of his welcome. He has the skills to get a job but isn't sure any prospective employer can get past the time he spent in jail for alcohol-related vehicular homicide. The past is past, but it will haunt him forever.

Jordan desires a life of quiet service. One thing he knows for sure: He doesn’t deserve love.

Ken Ashton has every reason to hate Jordan for his past. Ken's baseball career was shattered in a drunk-driving accident. But Ken needs Jordan's touch as much as he needs oxygen to breathe. He finds Jordan's warmth and strength have healing properties he never expected.

Ken and Jordan develop a powerful emotional and erotic connection, but Ken must help Jordan find the faith to trust it. Unexpected help comes from the people of San Ignacio--and the town itself.

 Can physical therapy be a path toward spiritual healing and powerful, passionate love?

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob can't admit he's the victim of domestic abuse. Will an unplanned visit to sleepy seaside St. Nacho's help him face the truth and ask for help?

Jacob "Yasha" Livingston is having a bad day. First there is the head cold. Then he has to deal with a cheating boyfriend, a fight, and a trip to the ER. Between that and the bus driver who ejects him―after accusing him of transmitting the Swine Flu―the rest of his day is vague.

Now he's stuck in a small town called San Ignacio and he has a whole lot of thinking to do. One thing he knows is that when fate speaks in the form of an EMT, maybe it's time to listen.

EMT Jason "JT" Lents, with his shy smile and jade green eyes, seems more like an angel than a paramedic. But Jason has a date with a newer, prettier girl every night, even though he seems to return Yasha's interest.

JT wants to keep things on the down low, but Yasha knows asking him to live a lie is just another form of abuse. Is love ever enough without honesty?

Can Jacob's new friends and the magic of St. Nacho's mend these lonely men’s hearts and nudge them toward romance?

If you love tender, heartfelt stories of love and redemption, journey to St. Nacho's, today!

The Book of Daniel

Daniel Livingston has a choice between doing the right thing or making a fortune. Will a hot firefighter and his growing love of the small-town way of life help him decide?

Daniel is finally free to live his life without lies. He's come clean about his passionless marriage and moved to St. Nacho's where he can spend time with his brother, Yasha. Now that he’s out and proud he's ready to explore the endless sexual buffet being hot and rich and single has to offer.

The problem is a firefighter named Cameron Rooney who haunts his every waking thought and half his dreams. No doubt about it. Cam is going to require a level of honesty Daniel has never before considered, and in order to achieve that, he will have to turn his life inside out.

Will forging a new path cost him everything or net him the most important score of his life?

If you love hot firefighters, icy businessmen, family drama, and watching men find love that will last a lifetime, come back to St. Nacho’s.

Winter Solstice in St. Nacho’s

Luke and Thuong get a second chance at love. Will Thuong’s dangerous addiction destroy their happiness forever?

Librarian Luke believes “Everything is possible at the library.” He cheerfully provides his patrons with whatever they need, even if that means administering Naloxone when they overdose in the library bathroom.

Thuong. called “Tug” on the street, is a heroin addict who sees no way out. He’s in the grip of a powerful addiction. He has no self-esteem. When his old crush Luke offers help, Tug only sees what he can get out of the deal.