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St. Nacho's

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Cooper is running from his past. Will a quiet young man offer him a future?

Can Cooper Wyatt start over?

Cooper Wyatt has silenced his guilt for three years. A violin prodigy thrown out of Juilliard and implicated in a tragic car accident, the troubled musician struggles to find a new home. But when he arrives in a sleepy California seaside town and meets a deaf busboy who makes his heart sing, he hits the ultimate emotional crossroads.

Shawn Fielding doesn't let his hearing problems stop him from living life to the fullest. Though he may be shy, he dances and studies theater at the local college. And a conflicted instrumentalist's sexy grin aimed his way brings dire warnings from friends that not all love songs end happily. Realizing he's falling for the handsome brown-eyed student, Cooper deliberately remains distant to avoid causing more pain. But Shawn believes the only way to heal the other man's soul is to help him speak the truth.

Will Cooper make peace with his issues and finally take his rightful place in Shawn's arms?

St. Nacho's is the first book in the delightful St. Nacho's gay romance series.

If you like gorgeous guys, atmospheric settings, and heartfelt chemistry, then you'll adore Z.A. Maxfield's story of redemption. Buy St. Nacho's to play love's highest note today!