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Red Cloak Moon

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Thierry finds hidden magic and his fated mate when he sets out to avenge his best friend's death.

Thierry’s a male omega—considered a mistake of nature—and therefore expendable to his family, the town, and the law. He’s keeping a secret about the reckless, awful night that changed his fate forever. He has no choice but to don the crisp muslin robe and red cape of the Sisters of the Merciful Moon and act as bait to catch a killer. He’s dispatched to deliver food and aid to an old woman deep in the shelter of the Hemlock Forest, where picturesque, mostly benign outlaws and a homicidal necromancer await.

Luc, the reluctant outlaw leader of Hemlock’s displaced families, has enough on his mind without some murderer giving him and his pet project a bad name. He’s sworn to serve both the poorest citizens of Rheilôme and the red-cloaked Sisters of the Merciful Moon, who act as counselors, nurses, and midwives to citizens displaced by Rheilôme’s impossibly high taxes.

When Luc saves Thierry from becoming the next victim of the “Red Cloak Killer,” they discover a fated love so powerful that nothing can tear them apart.

In the sun-drenched kingdom of Rheilôme, appearances are more important than reality. There are laws on the books protecting all omega citizens against forced marriage and trafficking, but justice often comes at a high price. In a country that sees him as less than nothing, Thierry must risk everything—even his fated mate—to catch a killer.

Red Riding Hood meets Robin Hood in this fairy tale mashup where love proves stronger than both magic and death!