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Huntsman's Moon

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Caught in a rivalry between vengeful sisters, Nikyo must face the truth about himself and trust his true love Asher if he wants to survive.

Shy and bookish, Nikyo is a nature loving boy who has learned to accept that he’ll never live up to his vain mother Adamassia’s exacting standards. He’s meant to take the title of Grand Duke at his coming-of-age, but with the unexpected arrival of his mother’s estranged sister Beryl—and her handsome son Crown Prince Asher—everything Nikyo knows about himself is turned upside down.

It doesn’t take Beryl’s illusion shattering gifts to show Asher that Nikyo is his Goddess blessed mate. When his aunt’s madness turns to murder, Asher has no choice but to protect what’s his—even if it means taking the omega Nikyo from everything he’s ever known. With the help of his mother, his brothers, and his fae cousin Trinket, Asher hides Nikyo where Adamassia’s magic can’t touch him, but not before she injures him gravely.

Forced into a conflict he never wanted, separated from the only love he’s ever known, can Nikyo vanquish his insecurities and defeat an evil sorceress to win the life he deserves?

If you love fairy tale retellings with a fresh MM twist, fated mates, and the magic of true love, this is the book for you!