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Gabe: Partners in Grime

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The Brothers Grime, Book 3

Can Gabe hold on to love in the face of disaster?

Gabe has loved elusive, closeted detective Dave Huntley since they were children. Unfortunately, he's had to watch from the sidelines as Dave makes his way through every available man in their lives.

Then, on the very eve that Gabe senses things between him and Dave may be evolving exactly as he'd hoped, disaster occurs in the form of a violent liquor store robbery. Gabe is forced to put his desires on hold in order to help Dave heal from a head wound that damages Dave's memory and derails both their lives.

Caught between gratitude for Dave's recovery and the pain of lost intimacy between them, Gabe has to choose whether to share the truth or wait for Dave to recognize what Gabe's known all along: He and Dave belong together.

Can Gabe find the courage to place his faith in Dave, who must rediscover his past and make the tough journey from their shared trauma to a future free of fear?

Partners in Grime is a friends-to-lovers story with a guaranteed HEA.