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Drawn Together

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Is Rory Delaplaines in for the shock of his life?

What happens when Rory travels halfway across the country to meet the girl of his dreams? Certainly not what he expected...

Rory's just a simple southern boy from St. Antoine's Parish, Louisiana, but he knows what he wants -- the girl of his dreams, reclusive and mysterious artist Ran Yamane.

He's loved her since junior high school, and now he has the chance to meet her. He chucks everything and travels 1,500 miles to Anime Expo in Long Beach just so he can tell her. He's determined that nothing and nobody is going to stand in his way.

Turns out, Ran Yamane isn't a girl, but he gets that a lot. People come to him with teddy bears and chocolates and disappointment by the truckload.

Yamane has trusted fans in the past with disastrous consequences. So when he meets Rory, he is understandably wary. He isn't prepared for his magnetic attraction to the man, Rory's apparent willingness to overlook his gender, or the chaos that ensues when his number one fan (and psycho stalker) shows up to get revenge.

Do two men from two different worlds stand a chance at lasting love?