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Crossing Borders

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Can Tristan find love with his old nemesis?

Tristan knows he’s got issues. His latest ex-girlfriend knows it, too. He can’t blame her for dumping him—even if she sent her brother to do it. He figures it’s about time to put a label on those issues. He's gay.

Tristan heads to the local bookstore with a foolproof plan to find someone to show him what he’s been missing, but who should crash his little adventure? Officer Michael Truax, the cop who gave him an expensive ticket for skateboarding without a helmet back in high school.

Michael has been trying to catch Tristan for give him a second ticket. Suddenly faced with little “Sparky”, all grown up and looking to get laid, Michael’s protective instinct kicks in. Sort of. But the opportunity is hard to resist. Tristan must know what he’s getting into, right?

If you love enemies-to-lovers romance, snarky men, and a cast of characters that will make you smile, Crossing Borders is for you.