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A Reluctant Boy Toy

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A physically scarred veteran. An emotionally scarred young actor. Can they let go of the past and find a future together?

Stone Wilder is happiest with his emotional support dog and the hybrid wolfdogs he rescues. They don't react to his scars or call him queer because sex doesn't interest him all that much. Maybe that's why he doesn't believe the rumors that paint gorgeous Sebastian Keye as an unprofessional "it boy." To Stone, Sebastian is simply a nice kid who shares his interest in dogs.

Sebastian is drawn to Stone's warmth and caring nature. With the help of his stalwart PA Molly, Sebastian and Stone begin a quiet friendship. But a video from Sebastian's past suddenly goes viral, causing old hurts and humiliations to destroy his emotional stability and nearly cost him his life.

After Sebastian's world falls apart, Stone wants to support him. But Stone has his own tortured past, and they can't move forward unless he makes things right.

Will growing close to Sebastian lead Stone to a new understanding of who he is and what he wants?

This demisexual bi-awakening romance features a single man who doesn't fit in a binary world, a lonely actor playing the character everyone wants him to be, and love that could last a lifetime, if only...

If you like intimate, emotional stories with a little less sex, a bit of humor, and a happily-ever-after, buy A Reluctant Boy Toy, today!