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A Flighty Fake Boyfriend

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Ryan Winslow needs a fake date for his ex's wedding. Waiter Epic Alsop is up for the job, and the vacation it entails. What happens when a fake date turns into real, but impossible, love?

Ryan Winslow has everything he needs to attend his billionaire aristocrat ex's wedding. He's got an out and proud A-list celebrity date, reservations at the exclusive venue in Santa Barbara, and two weeks to enjoy a vacation—his first in six years.

The drive down gives him a chance to visit old friends in tiny St. Nacho's, but that's where things go wrong. His driven lifestyle takes its toll, and his date calls to say he can't make it. How will he ever find a substitute date for a formal wedding in time?

Epic Alsop waits tables but that's not all he does. He notices people and has an uncanny ability to give them what they need. When he meets an overworked, underfed Ryan, he offers him a healing smoothie and a little extra attention. When Ryan's date for a wedding cancels, Epic offers to be his fake boyfriend.

What Epic doesn't expect is Ryan's kindness, or the luxurious resort vacation he offers. He doesn't expect Ryan's patience, his wit, or his passion. But they live in different countries, and Ryan's job leaves no room for a social life. 

Can fake lovers who fall in genuine love find a way to make their relationship work? Or are they destined to be alone forever?