It's a new day... and I'm feeling good!

It's a new day... and I'm feeling good!

I decided that this would be a good place to start. Obviously, this website is a storefront, now. Not only is this pretty much the only way I can think of to sell my own books the way I want, but also, it's a way to give my faithful readers discounts for their loyalty. If you're a member of my newsletter crew, the ZAMers who have been with me since the beginning, know that I will post a discount code in every newsletter going forward.

If  you haven't signed up, now is the perfect time. 

If you like the beauty of KU, but want to support authors in a way that doesn't restrict them from selling all their books in a single venue, all my books will eventually be available in KOBO plus, except those, like the My Cowboy series and others which are still controlled by traditional publishers. 

I will make all new books available for preorder here and then at a specified time, place them for a cycle in KU.

Times are tight, I know. Unfortunately authors aren't exempt from inflation. 

May you enjoy all the books, all different ways, forever.




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